Coke and Pepsi introduces bottled water
just like you can make at home!

What do you think of
your competitors
in the beverage industry?

Always has used tea powder  in their tea. Always has-always will. Made from the best stuff on Earth-just not a whole lot of it! Quaker Oats had big plans, but the wrong plan. After paying $1.7 Billion for Snapple, they blew it up after two years. They spend $40 million during the summer of '96 to actually give bottles of Snapple away to whoever wanted one.

They just announced the sale of Snapple to Triarc, the company who owns RC Cola and Mistic "premium" beverages for $300 million dollars. They actually didn't lose $1.4 million... there's a tax benefit of $250,000,000. Watch the price of oatmeal increase by 10 cents a box to cover this SNAFU.

Snapple Farms: It's cheaper to make 100% juices when you add white grape juice. Lowest cost, just about no flavor They discontinued Snapple Farms in 1999 because you can't make any money making real juice.

Whipper Snapper. The Convenience Store News product of the year! Can't find a bottle anywhere. Tasted like coconut flavored  wall paper paste.

Since the same people who own Mistic now own Snapple, they lowered the juice content of their "fruit" drinks to 5% which is 2% more than Mistic. No wonder they call it "Mango Madness"

Snapple was owned by Triarc who also owns Mistic, Stewart's, RC Cola/Diet Rite and Arby's Roast Beef (the only place you can get a coffee flavored Jamocha Shake!).

In September '00,  Triarc got out of the beverage business and sold everything to Cadbury Schweppes, a UK based company that owns Canada Dry, 7 Up, Vernors, Schweppes, A&W Root Beer, Hires Root Beer and a few other brands including Mott's Juices (just nailed for misleading packaging )

Here's something original: "Amazing facts" under the bottle caps. Another brilliant idea from the marketing gurus at Snapple. I wonder where they got that idea from?

Whipper Snapple is reinvented as "Snapple-a-Day". This is the only thing you need to have everyday. Chuck full of nutrition and vitamins and minerals. Expect it to cost $3 bucks. Can't comment on the taste. Haven't had it yet, but they've been running full page ads in the beverage magazines. Very expensive. I thought they had distributors everywhere and a sales organization to service them. Why would they need to find more distributors unless the product is so bad that the people selling Snapple Tea are so brain dead that Snapple has to find a parallel distribution network.
I saw something like this in "Time Cop"...and it causes a paradox in the time continuum if it's delivered on the same truck to the same store at the same time.

Juice Content? How low can you go? For years they refused to put the juice content on their labels saying they were exempt because it was less than 3%. Yes, their products are made with spring water. They actually do put one five gallon bottle in the 6,000 gallon batch just so they can claim it on the label. Mistic is now calling their product "premium". I just saw a bottle of their new Tropical has 1% juice in it. Watermelon Strawberry Juice Beverage: Label say "all natural" so why does it contain two artificial colorings? Also has no watermelon juice in it.

Yes, both the juice and the spring water are at a "premium", but they have nice gold foil labels and a snazzy bottle that looks like a wine carafe. Mistic was so embarrassed by what they were selling they doubled the juice content to almost 12%-but of course most of the juice content is not from the "named juices".  The product should be labeled "Mango Flavored Juice Beverage" or whatever. But they did come out with a nice bottle that looks like a wine carafe. Voila!

Cadbury Schweppes

Both Snapple and Mistic along with Stewart's Root Beer and RC Cola was sold by Triac to Cadbury Schweppes who also own Canada Dry, Schweppes, Squirt, A&W Root Beer, 7-UP and Mott's Juices. When is enough enough! Cadbury purchased Orangina, Yoo-Hoo and RC Cola. They don't really want to be in the cola business and fight Coke and Pepsi. They saw what happened to Sir Richard of Branson of Virgin Cola fame after two failed attempts to challenge Coke and Pepsi in America..but that's another story.

Ocean Spray:
They control 80%+ of the world's cranberry crop and are vertically integrated. In 1996, they had no cranberry juice to sell anyone else. They open and close the valve on the cranberry supply to suit their own purpose which is to dominate the category and eliminate competition.

They had so much money they bought out the investor that put $500,000 into Nantucket Nectars.  With Pepsi buying Tropicana in 1999, Pepsi will soon replace all the Ocean Spray with Tropicana and that will leave Ocean Spray looking for some way to replace all that single serve business Pepsi was doing.

Ocean Spray purchased a majority interest in the "juice guys" by buying out their savior who bailed them out with $500,000. Now with Cadbury on the move to own everything insight not owned or wanted by Coke or Pepsi, who knows what's going to happen when they pressure their bug distributors selling all their soda brands, Mistic, Snapple to push Mott's rather that juice owned by Ocean Spray. But Ocean Spray is on such shaky ground along with Northland Cranberries that Cadbury may buy one of them just because they want to and because Ford Motor Company bought Jaguar. Maybe they'll buy Ford Motor Company or maybe Bill Gates will buy Coke and make Coke available to everyone's home by bundling it with Windows 2001 and block anyone from getting Pepsi on their hard drive.

Ocean Spray has another problem. Pepsi had been distributing Ocean Spray on their trucks, but that's going to end...soon and Pepsi will focus on Tropicana and also Dole which they own.

Flash! Ocean Spray attempts to solve the problems of the cranberry industry by developing "white cranberries". These are just regular cranberries that are not ripe so color and FLAVOR had not fully developed. This obviously was a marketing class project in which the same person who developed green and purple ketchup for Heinz also enrolled.

Flash! Ocean Spray is so clueless that they just announced a "partnership" with Nestle which controls "Juicy Juice" , Libby's, Kern's and a few other brands. The hope is that Nestle can use the bottling capacity that Ocean Spray has due to their shrinking market share and both can "enjoy" certain other economies".

Flash! Ocean Spray is clueless. Maybe they can get Cadbury to buy them now that they unloaded Nantucket Nectars. Red Cheek Apple Juice was a Pennsylvania Coop that bite the dust and that brand was acquired by Mott's which is owned by Cadbury.

I bought into the concept of "entrepreneurship" and set Marc up in his own business after he worked for me and picked my brains for four years. Started out as a different product, but wound up as my product made with spring water being sold by the same distributors. He even paid my salesperson under the table to sell his product while the guy was supposed to be working for me. Marc sold his business to his biggest customer, a clueless candy and tobacco distributor and then changed his name.  The distributor put a chick in tight pants on the road and a race car on the Nascar circuit to promote juice drinks to a beer drinking crowd. No wonder they blew up their 50 year old company and took Marc' brand with 'em. The copacker got stuck with lots of Glacier Ridge glass and ingredients and Marc is now a business pundit with an assumed name. Good luck and thanks for the fish!

Country Pure:

Mike  was a small time supplier to the Greek owned hot dog carts in Philadelphia. We used to sell him, then he got into the juice business with his own brand. He had a lot of help from someone in my company since the guy running the business was a meat cutter. Of course, this guy was related to one of the purchasing/production people who worked for me for more than five years. One day, I discovered that they faxed three formulas to the bottling plant where we also produced our juices which were...let's say...exactly my formulas! . Coincidence? No...industrial espionage and employee dishonesty. We sued to out how he got my formulas, but dropped the suit because there are no assets and another company in Ohio actually owns the name "Country Pure".

Nantucket Nectars:
There were two guys from Nantucket, who started with a boat and a bucket.....I helped the "juice guys" get started in 1990, but according to their story they made everything in a blender one cold morning and sold it in half clean bottles off some rowboat in the middle of Nantucket Harbor. They left out some details of how they got from the blender to the bottles. They were clueless. We formulated the product for them in our lab and then ran it at the plant along with our product. In fact, the lemonade they sold was my lemonade.

One of the poor little rich boys grew up in Chevy Chase, Md and had been exposed to my product They wanted a hundred cases of lemonade to sell in Nantucket. They liked my bottle a lot so I ran my lemonade and two other products I formulated for them in it. Three weeks later these two smart boys from Brown University got lost on the way back to New England and showed up in Washington, DC. I guess they don't teach map reading at Brown University in Rhode Island. This did not make my distributor down there happy.

After bleeding to death trying to do their own distribution, they were rescued by a deep pocket investor who happens to own 50% of Alamo Car rental and who also owns a house on Nantucket. The guy was worth $750 Million and solved their money problems in a hurry.

Their spin is that they made juices in a blender and sold it off a small boat to the people sailing around Nantucket.

Their product is a knock-off of my entire line. They even put "facts" about Nantucket under the caps and then changed it to "quotes". Quotes from people on Nantucket and quotes from consumers about their products. Real keepers!

An article appeared in one of the beverage industry magazines under the banner "Innovators", but should have been entitled "Copy Cats".

The original  investor cashed out when Ocean Spray bought 80% of Nantucket and the boys were able to join the country club and smooze with  the same "rich people only country club on Nantucket and get appearances on the Oprah show so they can tell and retell the secrets of their success...OPM and my ideas.

Flash! Ocean Spray gets rid of two pains in the ass and sells off Nantucket again. No wrong again! I'll tell you Cadbury Schweppes for $100 Million! they have everything that Coke and Pepsi don't have. Now Ocean Spray can get back to making white cranberry juice and Cadbury can cheapen up the Nantucket brand beyond what ocean Spray already did .

It seems like carbonated juice make the rounds every 5 years. After some moderate success of "Switch", Nantucket rips off the idea with their own "Nantucket Fizz". Now that will be best of all expectations.

As Cadbury tries to save 7-Up as the Sierra Mist from Pepsi steals the lemon-lime soda category, Snapple, Mistic and Nantucket will be cheapened up (like how low can you go without calling it flat soda) to produce shrinking profits from the soda end of the business.

Eric Miller at Brooklyn Bottling was my exclusive distributor in NYC for years. He sat on the brand for three years while I got his own brand together. During this time, another distributor asked me for the brand, but being loyal I said no. Of course, the guy then picked up Nantucket Nectars and got it out on the street. New York is an interesting place. Another potential distributor run by a guy whose little brother now works for Nantucket Nectars. why should he help me by distributing my product and thus make his brother's job a little harder. Eric got his brand placed with a startup group of ex-Coca Cola drivers who were distributing RC Cola. They of course couldn't figure it out and that operation was then taken over by the two guys from Arizona. They were using a "depot" system, whereby a beer distributor warehoused and loaded product on trucks every night for independent distributors who "owned" their routes. Arizona canceled all of these "depots" and then opened their own warehouse. They didn't have a juice, but absolutely refused to sell competitive products. When they took over the RC Cola with the various other "allied" products, they left Squeezers out in the cold. Eric then went to the other distributor who already had Everfresh juices as well as Glacier Ridge. Latest is that they split and he's on the street again.

We're using some small, but reliable distributors to rebuilt my distribution in the New York metro area.

Eric bought an apple juice plant in upstate New York out of bankruptcy and when we had a problem in Maryland, I bottled my stuff there reluctantly. Although he signed a non-disclosure agreement, I am sure my formulas somehow got incorporated in his brand. He thought the way to go was to put the same product in a slightly bigger bottle and then hire my sales manager to work for him calling on my distributors and adopted some of my slogans. The word "original" doesn't apply here, but I like Eric. I just don't trust him.

Entrenched in the inner city bodega business, Eric buys a Hispanic food division from a large corporation and moves into the ethnic food business. Good for him!


Smucker's was the smallest customer at a bottling plant we used for eight years located in Havre de Grace, Md.. My wife and I were personally guaranteeing a loan for $1.2MM for a loan for a second bottling line in this plant which we were leasing to the owners. The plant was operating in a bankruptcy and when the bankruptcy trustee who was running the plant closed it in October '92, you start to learn what your friendly competition really means.

Smucker's bought the plant from the bank for cash and threw all their competitors out, most had no other production alternatives, including me. But because of my investment in the plant and we also had covered a $300,000 screw up in bad product (30,000 cases), my company got it the worst. (Click here for details about this gory story about the plant closing that sacked my company)

Smucker's wanted to control a facility that "competitors" were dependent upon in order to freeze them out of the market. Had to buy After the Fall because they didn't have enough business to run the plant. They even made overtures to me about buying my company for the same reason. They didn't know the word "chutzpah" They took a highly specialized beverage bottling plant and turned it into a jelly plant.

They came out with a new beverage line called "Tropical Attitudes" They use sugar in it, but it is labeled as "dehydrated cane juice" on the label. You read the label and it says juice juice juice. Nothing about "sugar" or "sweetener" on the label. Sneaky! Tropical Attitudes took a long trip down to the dump after collecting dust on the supermarket shelves.

With a name like Smucker's, I should have known that be f--kers.. I gave their strategic planning guy and their twit lawyer from Orville, OH a condom in bankruptcy court to use for the next deal. I figured it would have felt better if they had used some jelly too. He later told me he had it embedded in Lucite.

It's a shame they were so clueless and greedy. Their "specialty beverage business has gone nowhere and they inflicted a lot of damage on creative people that could have driven that business and run 20 million cases through that plant. If they figure out their cost per case to make their beverages because of the gross underutilization of the plant, they'd see how sticky jelly can really be.

I really liked Smucker's Strawberry Preserves. Not any more. Whenever I go to a restaurant where they have those little packs of jelly on the table, my wife has to hide them from me behind the ketchup.

Boycott Smuckers!
         Boycott Smucker's!

Who needs their strawberry preserves?

Make you're own. We did!

Once owned by Seagram's who bought it from Beatrice Foods. Killed the SoHo brand in less than two years after paying $10 million for it. Then there was Two Calorie Quest: nice product, they couldn't figure that one out either and didn't want to be embarrassed so they quietly buried it under the carpet. All the bottles and molds were sold to "Jeff's Egg Cream".

Big companies don't understand niche marketing. They are never satisfied with a niche. It has to be a winner. Look what they did with SoHo. They terminated all the specialty distributor who build the brand, gave it to their brain dead liquor distributors to sell (who don't go to placed that do not sell liquor),  they made the bottle smaller and they discontinued two popular flavors. Then they came out with "Two Calorie Quest"..great name..great concept..they blew it up It was no different that what Quaker Oats did with Snapple. Tropicana bought the Dole brand.

Pepsi bought Tropicana from Seagram's so Seagram's is  concentrate in making money in booze.  Pepsi will probably tell their distributors to drop Ocean Spray and Ocean Spray will be looking for a way to compete with everybody else for distributors. So we have Pepsi selling Tropicana off the Tropicana trucks and selling Dole off the Pepsi trucks. You go into the store and you have Tropicana and Dole and the store says we don't have any room for you product, sorry.

Big guys don't have to build brands. They just buy out their competition. Big companies get bigger by buying out their competition.

If you can't buy out your competition, you can sue them.  Tropicana accuses Florida Citrus Coop of mislabeling their juices. They're too afraid of picking on Coke who mislabels Minute Maid Juices as "Pure Pressed" Orange Juice "From Concentrate".

Honickman Empire

Arizona Tea:
Don & John are bigger than life and could star in their own movie. Made their fortune selling 40 oz bottles of malt liquor to the inner city. One brand, "Midnight Dragon" used this slogan with a picture of a Asian girl holding a bottle: "I can suck on this all night long!" Now college kids are drinking Midnight Dragon and Crazy Horse malt liquor instead of having keg parties.

When I had started the beverage distribution business in Philadelphia in 1992, we had Arizona...for a month. They prefer Italian distributors and pulled the brand from us and gave it to a beer distributor in Philadelphia who I believed sold their malt liquor products. Then two years later they pulled it from everyone in the Philadelphia area and gave it to Beverage Enterprises, the operation run by too many former Coca Cola executives that I took over my distribution company.

After BEI filed Chapter 11 and about ready to fold, they pulled the brand and guess who got it? Harold Honickman! Why not...he has everything else...well, except Elliott's Amazing juices and Tradewinds Tea..

AriZona recently came out with their long awaited "energy drink". Extreme Energy with a little plastic bullet shaped top over the can. Perfect for introduction in September '01. I wish them the best with it. I have to admit that "Taliban Terrorist Tea" would have been a short lived product if they had done that one.

Click here to worship the Cola Empire

It's true. No cocaine in Coke...not anymore. It was an idea ahead of it's time. sniff sniff. But in all fairness Seven Up had lithium.  Now if you don't think Americans want to do drugs, read the labels on the latest "herbal snake oil beverages" now flooding the market.

They want to sell you Coke on the other side of the worm hole. If it pours and you can drink it, Coke wants to sell it to you. Uses clout to buy business and eliminate competition. Biggest virtual threat is Pepsi. Both Coke and Pepsi are giving money to elementary, junior, senior high schools and colleges in order to get "exclusive rights" for all beverages.

'When this happens small companies like mine get calls from distributors saying they just got thrown out of XYZ school or ABC hospital. It part of the free enterprise system. The FTC and the Justice Department said it's not illegal if the other party accepts "consideration"  and the contract is binding. Let's see. You can't legally bribe people in America, but you can send them on trips to Disney Land and offer to give them "rebates" on purchases or "buy" 100 computers for their school. This is not bribery, this is executing a successful business plan.

They bought "Planet Java" to compete with Pepsi/Starbucks Frappachinno and they're working on buying "Mad River" to compete with "SOBE" since they couldn't make up their minds when negotiating with Quaker Oats and then Pepsi stepped up and stole the deal.

I have no comment about Fruitopia. Buy a bottle and you'll have your own soon enough.

Coke is so clueless that they bought Odwalla which is a pricey refrigerated juice line. They will fold that into the Minute Maid refrigerated line...I don't think they're that clueless in trying to put in on the Coke trucks.

Another innovation from Coke. They licensed Disney for juices and are marketing Extreme Juices with an illustration of Mickey Mouse on a skate board. The flavor is "Flip Kick Berry" Wow! If they were so good hearted, they would have thrown some calcium in the product.

That's because kids don't know what's good for them and Coke knows that soda is better for them than milk. It goes with everything!  Geez they drink soda for breakfast, lunch and diner. And if they don't want soda they have Fruitopia. Grape jelly has more fruit juice in it than Fruitopia has ounce per ounce. Is it any wonder the little kids are turning into porkers?
Here's what the soda industry has to say:

I read on a press release that Coke management WILL increase the case volume of Coke. This means that they will repackage it as windshield cleaner, degreaser and concrete cleaner.

Coke changes management, restructures their company, says they looking to be more "entrepreneurial". They should go to this page and see what the word means. Then they should read that book, "Teaching the Elephant to Dance".

2002 boy genius Steve Heyer was promoted to run the whole fricking company. All the elephants wants to do is dance but it's big nose is in it's way. Soda sales are flat and any incremental profit is coming from the "new age category" which includes that fabulous tasting-right from the faucet Daisani water.

Minute Maid Juice  is now labeled "100% Squeezed " ORANGE JUICE "From Concentrate. and they just recently started to label their apple juice the same way. There is not such product, but if they confuse you enough you would think that Minute Maid Orange Juice is JUST LIKE Tropicana Pure Premium  Pack Orange Juice "NOT MADE FROM CONCENTRATE". It costs a lot more to make apple juice from pressed apples.  Apple Juice concentrate from China is so cheap that it has forced many US and Canadian suppliers off the market. All that cheap Buy 1 Get 1 Free 1/2 gallons apple juice they stack up at the supermarket is probably made from these cheap concentrate although lots of apple juice concentrate is available from Argentina, South Africa, Hungary, Poland , Germany and Austria. And it's no surprise that Minute Maid had a big recall of their apple juice because it was adulterated with inulin syrup. A few years ago, Beechnut got their apples in the wringer because they were caught using  flavored colored sugar water in the apple juice for babies.
These big companies have big brass apples but no business ethics.

I called Minute Maid's consumer line and they told me that the fruit is squeezed at one plant and made into concentrate and then they mix it with water and bottle it at another plant. Is that what YOU think 100% SQUEEZED means? And if they actually printed "from concentrate" in a color that made it easy to see on their package or at least a big as "100% SQUEEZED", you'd be an informed consumer, no doubt.

Coke is it?
Coke Not Happy About Profit

Number of cases of Coke  sold below cost this hour. They make it up on volume.

Coke Loses the Blimpie Account
Coke Gets Nailed in Mexico for Restrictive Trade Practices
Coke Slips in Greece
LA Schools Contemplating Ban of Soda in 677 Schools

Coke reaches out to humanity with the Beverage Institute for Health and Wellness Another reason we all love omnipotent corporate power.

Don't mess with their vending machines or coolers!

I'll tell you one thing. If they don't stop mislabeling their juices, I'm going to sue them under the Lanham Act for unfair competition and misbranding.

Pepsi Cola hits the spot. In your stomach it will rot.

Not wanting to be second to Coke, Pepsi found that if they owned the outlets where soda was sold, their salespeople could actually take orders for Pepsi and not have to compete with Coke.
That's why they own KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell...but I think they may have spun them off.
Now you know why Domino's pizza sells Coke and not Pepsi.

When Triarc who owned RC Cola (recently sold off to Cadbury Schweppes along with Snapple, Mistic and Stewart's Root Beer) they sold it in the Arby's which is why you couldn't get Coke or Pepsi there. (I only went there for the Jamoca Shakes). While Coke was busy kissing up to McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King to control the fountain business, Pepsi targeted the small pizza shops and have quite a presence there.

Pepsi  acquired Tropicana, which at the time owned already owned Dole. They're dropped Ocean Spray which they've been distributing for about 10 years and immediately substituted  Dole  in their  coolers.  They have Tropicana getting  into the stores through the warehouses and through a network of other dsd distributors which they control.

They did the same thing with A&W Root Beer which was a brand owned by an independent company. When that brand was sold to Cadbury, they made their bottlers drop A&W and start selling "Mug" because they didn't want to make Cadbury rich.  (Mug tastes like a weak imitation of Barq's which is now owned by Coke who made Barq's taste like A&W). Now this would be considered "line forcing" and is an anti-trust violation, except Pepsi has been busy buying out most of their independent distributors not only in the US, but overseas as well.  The name of the game is control.

Pepsi just paid a gigga load of buck for "SOBE" so they can sell bogus herbal drinks along with that ever popular artificially flavored and colored sugar and salt water swill called "Gatorade".

If you need something to go with your Pepsi, buy a bag of Frito's or Lay's. Pepsi owns those brands too. And now they're soon be selling Quaker Granola bars and rice cakes on the chip racks. All we need now is a jerky company and you'll have a complete four course meal high in salt, sugar, fat and caffeine..

Pepsi is the king of junk food and at  least they know they're place on the food chain.

It's called strategic planning and this is America.

Coke and Pepsi

Watching Coke and Pepsi is like watching two kids at a playground. Each of them wants what the other one has. This is evident at "InterBev", the biannual trade show which glorifies the big two and the wanna be Cadbury and now that they have their very own cola they are complete and ready to compete mano-mano. It's like watching the Blue and Red Team at the car dealer or kids at overnight camp playing "color wars". Talk about head games! Pepsi announces that they actually made more money this year than least. This was just to play with Coke's collective mind since Coke can't get any more people to drink any more Coke.

When you walk into the exhibition hall at "InterBev", the every other year trade show for the beverage industry, you find Coke on one side and Pepsi dominating the other side. It's a face hockey or the US Congress with Democrats on the left and Republicans on the right. They even keep them in the supermarket separated. Same line up, same products, same pricing. One is red and one is blue. Some people claim they like one more than the other.  People do ask for  "a coke"  and if the establishment sells Pepsi, they have to say "I'm sorry, we don't have Coke, we serve Pepsi". Now, 99 out of 100 people will say...."ok, give me a Pepsi".  Now is some areas of the country RC Cola caught on. But a lot of no-name cola soda is bought in the supermarket because it's 69 cents a 2 liter vs. $1.29 for Coke or Pepsi. Of course they can never sell it for $'s always 89 cents or 99 cents on sale. which is why Coke is always threatening it's going to raise it's prices. That talk lasts for about a week and then it's back to the usual discounting.

Do they really care? But does it really make a difference?  Pepsi announces Pepsi with Lemon....less than a month later guess who is taking the beverage of the century? Coke with Lemon. Now both of these guys had cola with a twist of lemon before...Coke had TAB with lemon and I forget what Pepsi had.
Coke vs. Pepsi. Democrats vs. Republicans. Does it really make a difference?

Diet Soda

Both Coke and Pepsi use aspartame as their "non-caloric sweetener. If it's good for them and Searle Drugs, the makers of NutraSweet, then it must be good for you and your kids. My theory is tranqs you out into the zombie zone, which is where big business wants you.  Drink you diet soda, watch the boob tube and buy things you don't need, want or can afford on the credit cards they keep sending you.

Here's someone else's thoughts on  aspartame.
And the latest and greatest.. sucralose sold under the trade name of "SPLENDA"
The FDA puts their two cents in about the safety of aspartame, sucralose and saccharin.

Caffeine. One of the basic foods in the American diet.

Let's play Beverage Bingo!

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