June 1997 BevNet Review of Elliott's Amazing Juices


Grape Boysenberry Cocktail: At first glance, this may appear to be just an ordinary grape flavored beverage. Don't be mislead. This beverage has a very mellow grape flavor that has been combined with the tart flavor of boysenberry. The resulting product is sweet, tart, and 100% refreshing. A highly recommended product.

Strawberry Margarita Juice Cocktail: is a very unique and great tasting beverage. Not only does it have a fine strawberry flavor, but it also has very tasty grape and lime flavors. Unlike many other juice cocktails out there, Strawberry Margarita Juice Cocktail has originality. The smooth strawberry/grape flavor has the perfect splash of lime flavor. A flawless beverage!

Pineapple Orange Banana Juice Blend: 100% Juice. This is how an RTD juice cocktail should be. This beverage has the mellow flavor of bananas, the tart taste of pineapple, and the sweet taste of oranges. That's pretty much it. Our only criticisms is that it could use some real fruit puree. This is definitely a top-notch beverage in the quality department. A highly recommended beverage.

Tropical Papaya Cocktail: This beverage proves that Elliott's is an amazing line of beverages. If this were made by most other beverage companies, it would taste very sweet and overbearing, but Elliott's version is mellow and refreshing. It's made with papaya, peach juice, pineapple juice, and berry extract...tropical flavor at its best! It's very refreshing and tastes very much like a papaya based fruit punch.

Apple Juice: This is a REALLY great beverage. It's pure apple juice pressed from fresh apples. No extra flavors or additives. It's not sweet and sugary as are many other apple juices. A highly refreshing beverage that will change your opinion of apple juice forever.

Pink Grapefruit Juice Cocktail: Even with 32gs of sugars, Elliott's Pink Grapefruit Juice Cocktail is a very bitter beverage. Pink Grapefruit Juice is has a very strong (sweet and bitter) taste that tastes just like real grapefruit. It's a bit overpowering, but the taste is true to the fresh taste of pink grapefruit.

Tropical Orange Mango: has a sweet and fruity flavor. The beverage has a very distinct orange flavor that has been enhanced with the great taste of mango. It's not too sweet, but it is sweet enough to make this a beverage that we would want to drink again and again. We appreciate beverages that taste like the fruits listed on the label.

Apricot Tangerine Mango Nectar: is definitely a beverage that will satisfy our craving for real fruit pieces. Great job, Elliott! The tart flavors of apricot and tangerine, plus real apricot and mango puree. What a great beverage! It's sweet and refreshing and full of fruit flavor. A highly recommended beverage.

Elliott's Old Fashioned Lemonade: is somewhat more sour than your standard lemonade. It truly has the homemade taste that we endlessly search for in a lemonade. Elliott's Old Fashioned Lemonade has a totally puree-less consistency. This is something that we usually do not tolerate, but in Elliott's case, the sour formula was enough for us. It's a good product. Lemonade is obviously not the most original flavor, but when it comes to lemonade, Elliott's would be one of our top choices.